Thursday, 6 June 2013

AQW Armjldian Trainer V.2.3

Hello Guys
i waited to much to release this version
because i got 3.5 of 10 in science test
then my father took my labtop :'(

Anyway in this version there i fixed lot of bugs
Whatz New ?
1) Add New Bots to Auto Bots (Down Button) 
2) add Send Packet Option in Bot Manager 
3) Fixed Get drop Thing (Finally Yay ) 
4) Add Skip Cutsence from JamesR Source (Thanks) 
5) Fixed Accept Quests in Main Menu (F1) 
6) Re Join Maps Option in Bot Manager (will tell you what it does in the end of the post)
7) Add Summon Pinkomancer Pet to Summon Pets Menu 
8) Get Boosts Fixed (Now it Auto Put Boosts in Bank) 

Note: In Cheat Menu the ids Button Will Open the Ids of the Selected label in Combo Box of Loading Shop or Quests ....etc 

ReJoin map Tick box (Bot Manager - F2) :
when it is turn to join the map and you are already in it
if you ticked this box the trainer will join the map again
like if there were just 2 monsters or something and you don't wanna wait until they re spawn just tick this box and make SURE to join PRIVATE ROOM

Scan Links: 
1) VIRScan 
2) MetaScan 

Screen Shots: 

Downloading Links:

Thursday, 7 March 2013

AQW Armjldian Accounts Cracker V.0.4

Hello Guys
How are You all

Finally Armjldian Cracker V.0.4 Has Done , With Auto Restarting Function
Before Anything , When you Download Put A Shortcut For fscommand Folder inside it and call it "fscommand"
New Things:
1) Auto Restart Function
2) Access Time
3) Access Time On Hacked Account
4) Add Language Changer , Arabic - English
5) How to Use Menu
6) One Button To Recover All Lists & Also Recover The NMS Numbers
7) Number Of Users Will Displayed Next to The "Usernames List" Word

Warning: With The Cracker You Will Find A Folder , Don't Rename It Or Move Anything From It (This Folder Is For Restarting Function)

Also If You Are Getting A Message When You Are Opening Any Trainer , That's Mean That The Auto Restart Will Not Work For You Like That: (You Can Google it And Know How To Fix) 

Here is The Check Boxes Functions For The Beginners:
1) Start Cracking: It says it
2) Save Recovers: This Tick Box Will Make You Able To Recover The Lists
3) Open Char Page: It Will Auto Open The Char Page Of Hacked Accounts
4) Get Logs Info: To Get Logs
5) Auto Clear Log: It says It Too
6) Stop When Next Account Cracked: When You Crack Next Account The Cracker Will Stop Cracking
7) Auto Restart: Here Comes The Nice Part ,You Can Control The Time To Restart

Youtube Video About How To Use (Must Watch):

Downloading Links:
Mediafire: CLICK HERE

Note: The Recovers From Last Version Will Not Work
Jottie Virus Scan
Antivirus Scan

Thanks If You Liked

Monday, 25 February 2013

AQW Armjldian Trainer V.2.2


I Finally Finished This Epic Version Of Armjld Trainer
I Add Some New Things In (AutoBots & Bot Manger)

In Bot Manger I Add Chat Spamming & Resting Functions
and Also Add A Check Box to Get EXP & Gold While Botting (Must Finish J6 Quests)

i Also Add A States For Bot Manger ( Tells You what Is The Bot Manger Doing Now )
For Auto Bots I Re-Builded Them With More Functions
Now I Can Choose Which Monsters Too Attack , So It Will Be Easy To Make New Auto Bots

The Bots Are Now 42 I Think
I Also Add Some New Things To Main Menu
You Now Can Put Map Item ID & Just Get It Fast
And Accept Quests If They Are Not Available Yet (Sometimes Some Quests Need To Kills Same Monsters , But You Must Finish One By One That's Will Help You)
Download Link:
Media Fire: CLICK HERE
Like I Always Say , Report Bugs
Enjoy !!!

Virus Scan Links:
Jottie Virus Scan
Anti-Virus Virus Scan

Thursday, 7 February 2013

AQW Armjldian Accounts Cracker V.0.3

Hello Fans :)

The Third Version And Maybe the last One Of AQW Armjldian Cracker Is HERE
Whatz New ?
1) A Button To Recover Users & Pass When Crashes
2) A Button To Recover Hacked Accounts List
3) Check Box For Remove Tried Users & Auto Save Recovers :D

There was A Fuckn' Bug .... The Crash's One
Well , it can't be fixed ............... sry guys

But instead of that , A New Function has been Made ..... A Recovery One
So When It Crash , Re Open It And Click Recover .. that's will get the users list and remove the one that you already tried

Here is A Screen Shot For The Cracker :
AQW Armjldian Accounts Cracker V.0.3

For The Guys that didn't download the previous versions : (How To Use)
1) Open User Names Grabber (In The RAR File)
2) Get Some Names
3) Save Them To .ulist
4) Open The Cracker
5) Load the .ulist
6) Edit The Setting As You Like Them From Check Boxes Down There
7) Tick Start Cracker
If it crash Reopen It And Click Recover

Functions Of The Check Boxes:
1) Start Cracking: This Is Start Testing/Cracking Accounts
2) Get Logs Info's: Getting Logs Info In Logs Info List
3) Clear Logs In Next User: That One Is Auto Clear The Log List When It Moves to Next User
4) Auto Open Cracked Accounts Char Pages: Automatically Open Char Page Of The Cracked Account (When you crack One)
5) Stop When Next Account Cracked: Stop The Cracker When you Cracked The Next Account
6) Auto Remove Tried Users & Save Recover: Auto Remove The Tried Users In Users List & Also Save Recoveries So You Can Load Them If Crashed

Note : Auto Remove Tried Users & Save Recover Must Be Ticked So You Can Recover Users When it Crash

In The RAR File You Will Find :
1) The Cracker    2) Username Grabber        3) Text Tool Converter     4) Instructions Text File

Virus Scan Links :
Jottie Virus Scan
Vrustotal Virus Scan

Downloading Links:
MediaFire : CLICK HERE
2Shared : CLICK HERE

Saturday, 2 February 2013

AQW ThunderQuest v1.0

This Is A Good Trainer By A Good Friend :D
 It's Still First Version Need More Improve , But i think it will be one of the best trainers ever :D

 Anyway ...... it's too simple to use
Contain (Thunderforge Rep Bot) And Some More Functions :)

 Anyway Here's Virus Scan Links:
 Virus Scan#1
Virus Scam#2

Downloading Link :
MediaFire : CLICK HERE