Thursday, 7 February 2013

AQW Armjldian Accounts Cracker V.0.3

Hello Fans :)

The Third Version And Maybe the last One Of AQW Armjldian Cracker Is HERE
Whatz New ?
1) A Button To Recover Users & Pass When Crashes
2) A Button To Recover Hacked Accounts List
3) Check Box For Remove Tried Users & Auto Save Recovers :D

There was A Fuckn' Bug .... The Crash's One
Well , it can't be fixed ............... sry guys

But instead of that , A New Function has been Made ..... A Recovery One
So When It Crash , Re Open It And Click Recover .. that's will get the users list and remove the one that you already tried

Here is A Screen Shot For The Cracker :
AQW Armjldian Accounts Cracker V.0.3

For The Guys that didn't download the previous versions : (How To Use)
1) Open User Names Grabber (In The RAR File)
2) Get Some Names
3) Save Them To .ulist
4) Open The Cracker
5) Load the .ulist
6) Edit The Setting As You Like Them From Check Boxes Down There
7) Tick Start Cracker
If it crash Reopen It And Click Recover

Functions Of The Check Boxes:
1) Start Cracking: This Is Start Testing/Cracking Accounts
2) Get Logs Info's: Getting Logs Info In Logs Info List
3) Clear Logs In Next User: That One Is Auto Clear The Log List When It Moves to Next User
4) Auto Open Cracked Accounts Char Pages: Automatically Open Char Page Of The Cracked Account (When you crack One)
5) Stop When Next Account Cracked: Stop The Cracker When you Cracked The Next Account
6) Auto Remove Tried Users & Save Recover: Auto Remove The Tried Users In Users List & Also Save Recoveries So You Can Load Them If Crashed

Note : Auto Remove Tried Users & Save Recover Must Be Ticked So You Can Recover Users When it Crash

In The RAR File You Will Find :
1) The Cracker    2) Username Grabber        3) Text Tool Converter     4) Instructions Text File

Virus Scan Links :
Jottie Virus Scan
Vrustotal Virus Scan

Downloading Links:
MediaFire : CLICK HERE
2Shared : CLICK HERE


  1. And if you tell me that aqw will never detect bots programs how they have banned 22,000 accounts?

    1. If SomeOne Reported You .....
      and you was using bots

      You will banned
      But they can't detect it automatically

  2. How many ban times do ya need to get banned FOREVER?

  3. And why do I keep getting disconnected when I'm botting Troll Rep in LE BOT 6.0 I was rank 6 then I got disconnected now I'm rank 4 /:

  4. why i cant dowload the aqw armjld account craker

    1. Click The Link
      And click Skip Two Times
      Then Download It :P

  5. pleas dude how i dowload it pleas
    till me how pleas

  6. It's In The Downloading Links Of The Post
    Here is The Link Again :

  7. How to get the V.I.P Area. And what's there?

    How can I create a bot program? Is it hard?

    1. There is Nothing There
      I Will Make A Prog & Put It There

      And About The Bot / Trainer
      Yeah it's Hard And Need Your Life Time :P

  8. But how to be a V.I.P ?

    And how to start making it? Like the program ? Adobe Flash Professional cs5.5 and another program like what? How to start the bot project?


    1. i will explain that when i make a prog to put there

  9. Explain how to make a bot program? Or how to be a vip

    1. I Didn't Add Anything In V.I.P Section Yet ! So .....
      About Bot Prog , I Really Don't Understand
      Do you want Make A Trainer Like "Armjld Trainer"
      Or A Bot Like .AjBot ?

  10. lamest hacker ever