Thursday, 6 June 2013

AQW Armjldian Trainer V.2.3

Hello Guys
i waited to much to release this version
because i got 3.5 of 10 in science test
then my father took my labtop :'(

Anyway in this version there i fixed lot of bugs
Whatz New ?
1) Add New Bots to Auto Bots (Down Button) 
2) add Send Packet Option in Bot Manager 
3) Fixed Get drop Thing (Finally Yay ) 
4) Add Skip Cutsence from JamesR Source (Thanks) 
5) Fixed Accept Quests in Main Menu (F1) 
6) Re Join Maps Option in Bot Manager (will tell you what it does in the end of the post)
7) Add Summon Pinkomancer Pet to Summon Pets Menu 
8) Get Boosts Fixed (Now it Auto Put Boosts in Bank) 

Note: In Cheat Menu the ids Button Will Open the Ids of the Selected label in Combo Box of Loading Shop or Quests ....etc 

ReJoin map Tick box (Bot Manager - F2) :
when it is turn to join the map and you are already in it
if you ticked this box the trainer will join the map again
like if there were just 2 monsters or something and you don't wanna wait until they re spawn just tick this box and make SURE to join PRIVATE ROOM

Scan Links: 
1) VIRScan 
2) MetaScan 

Screen Shots: 

Downloading Links:


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  3. can you upload it in without survey i cannot download your trainer, so that i will try and test it.

  4. Hey there dude that make this trainer! I have try it and it's awesome.. one thing though when i take the boost my ID is auto logged out? why is that?

  5. Actualize the Download pls , post in 4shared

  6. its not working for me

  7. when will you release a new version the shop button isn't working :'( and what about picking map items it's not working for undead essence and undead energy can you make a new version please? :(

  8. Working or Not ??