Thursday, 7 March 2013

AQW Armjldian Accounts Cracker V.0.4

Hello Guys
How are You all

Finally Armjldian Cracker V.0.4 Has Done , With Auto Restarting Function
Before Anything , When you Download Put A Shortcut For fscommand Folder inside it and call it "fscommand"
New Things:
1) Auto Restart Function
2) Access Time
3) Access Time On Hacked Account
4) Add Language Changer , Arabic - English
5) How to Use Menu
6) One Button To Recover All Lists & Also Recover The NMS Numbers
7) Number Of Users Will Displayed Next to The "Usernames List" Word

Warning: With The Cracker You Will Find A Folder , Don't Rename It Or Move Anything From It (This Folder Is For Restarting Function)

Also If You Are Getting A Message When You Are Opening Any Trainer , That's Mean That The Auto Restart Will Not Work For You Like That: (You Can Google it And Know How To Fix) 

Here is The Check Boxes Functions For The Beginners:
1) Start Cracking: It says it
2) Save Recovers: This Tick Box Will Make You Able To Recover The Lists
3) Open Char Page: It Will Auto Open The Char Page Of Hacked Accounts
4) Get Logs Info: To Get Logs
5) Auto Clear Log: It says It Too
6) Stop When Next Account Cracked: When You Crack Next Account The Cracker Will Stop Cracking
7) Auto Restart: Here Comes The Nice Part ,You Can Control The Time To Restart

Youtube Video About How To Use (Must Watch):

Downloading Links:
Mediafire: CLICK HERE

Note: The Recovers From Last Version Will Not Work
Jottie Virus Scan
Antivirus Scan

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  1. i can't the accounts dude why is this? :(

  2. hey bro your cracker is good but when the cracker is in the middle of cracking your cracker is not already responding it freezes then the cracker will close automatically i'm using windows 8 so i hope you can help me with this problem!

  3. well , this problem have no soulotion
    i already made auto restart , But it seems that it has some prob

  4. Oh thanks, by the way may i know what OS are you using if you using Windows 7,Vista or XP i think it works one them.

  5. i am using XP :P
    but is the function works for u ?

  6. Hey bro cracked 5 accounts but only Lvl 6 and above! hahaha sh!ttest accounts ive cracked

  7. yea , most of noobs accounts have noobs passes
    But from time to time you may crack
    a good account :D

  8. i cant even download it it takes me to and just sites there

  9. bro why if i use the account cracker and the account grabber if i save the ulist file it doesnt work please bro i think u can fix it

    1. please i need your feedback and please post another tutorial in youtube :)

  10. how do i use it?

  11. 1) Open the Grabber
    2) Click Left Arrow and start getting username at Least 1000 Username
    3) Save them .ulist
    4) Open the Cracker
    5) Load Usernames and Choose the .ulist where you saved it first
    6) Edit Setting from tick boxes
    7) TICK Start Cracking

    It is Easy
    Note: it just try to access to accounts using the passwords in passwords list
    it don't just give you the pass

  12. 5ayye 3am ya3mloolon delete mashhiiina

  13. i have a question. i need a fast reply now . how to download it because have fucking blahblah. the link goes to ilivid download