Thursday, 3 January 2013

ArmJld Trainer V.2.0 " Rise Of The Three Sides"

This Is An EPIC Version For ArmJld Trainer
It Is The 10th Release "Wohaa"
Anyway ... There Is A LOT Of New Functions

F1 ---> Main Menu
F2 ---> Bot Manger
F3 ---> Packet Menu

Get Map Items Menu Deleted & Added To Bot Manger "Misc"

So You Don't Have To Open It

Add AC & Gold Hack " Not Real For Fun" ---> Misc Menu
Hide Me & Show Me ---> Misc Menu

Language Changer ---> Main Menu
Styles Changer " Evil Style - Good Style - Chaos Style(N)"  ---> Main Menu
Fast Open For Enchantments Shops ---> Main Menu

How To Use The Trainer ---> Help Menu

Check Box To Get Drops While Using Auto Bots To Avoid DC ---> Auto Bots

Two New Menus
ShortCuts Menu;
Main Functions Menu;

You ill Found Them Down There

The ShortCuts Menu
Which You Can Easily Go To Any Menu ( BotManger , MainMenu.... etc)

The Main Functions Menu
Which You Can ( Go To BattleOn - Move To Cell - Summon Hate Wolf - Open Bank ....etc)
It Contains The Functions That We Always Use

Any Way Download It And Check It Out
Virus Scan Links:

And Here Is The Download Links :

Enjoy & Remember  To Report ANY Bugs


  1. Mate i guess you own the AQW hacking form now :)
    Well i just got a new job here so i cant do this hacking things for a month or 2 and i dont know how it will end !!! So take care mate ~ FAllen

    1. Oh Man , That's Awful :(
      Your Trainer Was The Best

      Thanks For Helping Me In My Trainer , You Are A Good Friend

  2. how to open the trainer all rar

  3. You Need The Winrar To Extract It
    Then Open It