Wednesday, 26 December 2012

ArmJld Trainer V.1.9

Hello Guys
Here Is The New Version Of Armjld Trainer V.1.9 :
It Is The Ninth Version xD

Whatz NEW ?
Well , There is new Menu Called Misc Menu , You Can Find it In Main Menu

Misc Menu :
Change Name ;
Class Name ;
Speed Hack ;
NEW Function To Control The Size Of Your Chracter ;
Mod Name ;
Set Respawn Point ;
Name Color ;
AFK Toggale ;
Change Your Side;

Auto Bots :
Auto Attack;
Rest If HP Is Lower Than ;
Information; " To Tell You Some Information About The Bot That You Gonna Use"
{ Idea Of Information By Fallen GodSlayer}

Cheat Menu :
Best Enchantment To Your Class; " It Will Tell You The Best Enchantments For Your Class"
Limbo/Admin; " Will Send You To Limbo"

Help Menu :
Add New Button To Send You To My Blog;

Downloads :
Virus Scan 1 :Jotti Virus Scan
Virus Scan 2 : Virus Tool Scan

Meida Fire Link : CLICK HERE
2shared Link : CLICK HERE

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