Friday, 18 January 2013

AQW Armjldian User Name Grabber

Hey Earth Organisms
A Good News 

I Just Released AQW Armjldian Cracker V.0.1 .... So what ?
Okey , You all Didn't Like it because you need a UserName Grabber Which Save .ulist Method

Okey Here You Are
I Just Made it By Help Of Jamser , Thanks Bro

Q1. How To Use ?
1) Open It
2) Log In
3) Click Right Arrow Or the Button Down There
4) Write A Room To Join ( Recommended Battleonen)
5) Check "Get User Names"
6) Leave It For A Lot Of Time
7) Save.ulist
8) Open The AQW Armjldian Cracker
9) Load The Saved File
10) Add Some Common Passes ( 1234567890 , 1234567 , etc.....)
11) Check Start Cracking
12) You Will Find Account That You Hacked In Hacked List
13) Enjoy !!!!
Does Anyone Have A Question ..... No , Okey

Here Is The Downloading Links :
Meida Fire : CLICK HERE
2 Shared : CLICK HERE

Virus Scan : 
1) Jottie Online Virus Scanning
2) Virus Scan Online Virus Scanning


  1. I have a connundrum. when I follow these steps, they don't add up. In my case, its step 2 to 7. One: I cannot right click anything out of the ordinary, Two: there is no "get user names" function, and Three: because there is nothing, I cannot save a .ulist, therefor, there is nothing to load when I start the password cracker. your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  2. @anon1: It is not the right click, but the right arrow key.

  3. can you give a plist file ?

  4. hurm..i have try cracking but i didnt ge t any acc can tell my

  5. Hey how do you use The Acc Cracker v2

  6. any of you hacks does work i mean this hack works cause i know that armjldian trainer succeded

  7. how do you make it work im hacking an account

  8. its a fake i tried putting my username and password in both categories and my account did not show in the hacked accounts list. Try it yourself to test, besides AQW Has password-wrong limiter which means you the account gets temporarily locked when you enter the wrong pass too many times

  9. i cant save as .ulist, it doesnt work. please help?

  10. HELLO, YOU COULD send to my email: PHP scripts or html grabber by username? Thanks

  11. the cracker is lost