Saturday, 19 January 2013

AQW Armjldian Cracker V.0.1.5

This Is Not The Second Version Of It
But i Made Some Updates So...... I Like To Help :)

This Version Considered As A Beta Version , Some Bugs Had Been Fixed & Some Are Not :(

Well ,,, I Am Trying !!! , I Spend 10 Hours Facing My Pc For You Guys

Anyway :
I Made Tap Buttons
& Well , Delete Some Buttons
You Can Set Speed Of Hacking ( More Speed = You Can't Got All Accounts You Hacked )
And Other

Well , You Want A Photo Right ??

AQW Armjldian Cracker V.0.1.5

Okey This Version Is Just For Testing
So , I Made It To Get Some Reports About Bugs To Fix It

Pleaaaaaase Guys Report Bugs ... It Will Not Take 3 Min

Okey Downloading Links :
Media Fire : CLICK HERE


  1. I saved the usernames in my document, I loaded it then I put passwords like 123456789 but the cracking isnt working. I waited like 10 minutes....

    1. Lol , It Just Tries Passwords
      That's Mean That You Can Crack Account in First Minute
      Or You Can Wait 2 Hours To Crack One Account

  2. you cant fool us the title says aqw armjldian crack v.0.2