Monday, 21 January 2013

Armjld Trainer V.2.1

Hello .......
The Last Version Of Armjld Trainer

I Know The Last Version Had A Lot Of Bugs :(

I Fixed Most Of Them Like :
Bot Manger Bug
Change Styles Bug

And i Add Some New Things To Auto Bots  Like :
Timportal CP
Legion Token War
Legion Token NON Soul Collector

And I Add A Check Box In Option Menu
To Rest After Killing Every Monster ( Of Course If You HP Or MP Is Low )

And Some Other Function That I Can't Remember :(

Okey Anyway Download It And Check IT =D

If There Was Any Bugs Report Them

And Thanks For The Guys Who Report The Bugs In The Previous Version

Virus Scan Links :
Jotti Online Virus Scan
Antivirus Online Virus Scan

Download Links :
Media Fire : CLICK HERE
2 Shared : CLICK HERE

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