Friday, 25 January 2013

AQW Armjldian Cracker V.0.2 BETA

Everybody Were Askin' Me When Will I Release The Second Version

Okey ..... At First Version There Were Ton Of Bugs
Like :
1- Skipping Password
2- Get Wrong Password
3- Black Screen Bug
4- Don't Get All Hacked Account

In This Version We Fixed Most Of Them ........
Expect  ......... The FUCKN' Black Screen Bug

Why Didn't We Fixed It ?
Because That Happens For The Method That The Cracker Builded On ....
No Black Screen Bug = No Cracker

How Can I Deal With IT ?
There Is Always A Solution For Any Problem
But This Is NOT The Full Solution

Here What You Are Going To Do ..... (Note : Screen Turns To Black After Start Cracking by 20 - 30 Min)

1st: Load The UserNames List File ( Use AQW Armjldian UserGrabber For That )
2nd: Load Passwords List ( Best Passwords List With The File )
3d: Start Cracking

When The Bug Happen .....
1) Re Open The Cracker
2) Load The Same User List & Passwords List
3) Delete The User Names That The Cracker Already Tried
4) Start Cracking Again ................ Enjoy Hacking

About The New Options In The Cracker :
1) Get Log's Info : If You Want To See Logs
2) Clear Logs In Next USer : That Automatic Clear The Logs After You Finish This User
3) Skip Other Passes : DON'T TICK IT ....... NOT TRIED YET
4) Auto Open Cracked Account Char : When You Cracked Account , Automatic Open His Char Page
5) Stop When Next Account Cracked : Automatic Stop Cracking When Next Account Cracked

Virus Scan Links :
Jottie Virus Scan
Antivirus Virus Scan

Download Link :
Media Fire : CLICK HERE
2 Shared : CLICK HERE


  1. can u make me a vid how to use it?? i dont know how it work

  2. Sure , Here Is The Link

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    1. can you create a artix points hack or free membership aqw?pls.

  4. Sorry Guys But This Is Impossible


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  6. how to change pass in my account... it is signs and i can't log in !!